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I am writing to say thank you so much for the treatments that you have done on my back. l work as a second year doctor in a Hertfordshire hospital so I'm generally very busy and stressed, hence, I end up with multiple problems in my Back, Neck and Shoulders, which as my friend states.. "feels like bubble wrap". Phil is so good at manipulating the stress out of my back, that any other massage therapist I have met since just can't compare.
I would highly recommend Phill, not only for general massage but for musculoskeletal problems like back pain, frozen shoulder, etc...
After you have had your treatment, not only do you feel so relaxed but you feel your muscles have been worked out, stretched and I feel much more mobile.  I can guarantee one treatment and you will be hooked....!
I got my flat mate to experience a back treatment 12 months ago and we now book a double appointment, ideally twice a month.
Thanks so much Phill.
Jen – DoctorW.G.C Herts


Prior to meeting Phill Shortland, I had been training for the London Marathon in April of 2007 and around about mid March, I developed some very bad pains in my calves and shins. Being worried that I might not be able to take part in the Marathon due to injury, Phill quickly put my mind to rest, explaining what was going on with the muscles in my legs and advising various stretches, treatments. After several weeks massage \ treatment on my legs and calves, my legs are now ready to run the London Marathon next week and without Phill’s help over the past few weeks this may not have been possible. 
Many Thanks   
Dave Freeman - W.G.C (Herts)


Dear Sir/Madam  Re: Phill Shortland & APA Massage  

I have been a client of APA massage for the past 10 month’s; I initially contacted Phill of APA because I had been suffering from back pain for some considerable time due to my job, which entails long hours of driving. I took an intensive once a week half body massage to realign my spine and to retrain the muscles to improve my posture, the results from this initial therapy became evident almost straight away and certainly by the second session the aching pain in my back had receded considerably.


After the fourth week of therapy we reduced my sessions to once monthly intervals, which as ensured that the spine is kept aligned and allows any further issues to be picked up and resolved at an early stage therefore avoiding the discomfort of trapped nerves or slipped discs.

Throughout my therapy I have found Phill to be very knowledgeable about all aspects of his field he is very informative he does this by talking you through the procedures he is carrying out and explaining what each action does to the muscles and why this is required.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Phill and APA Massage and Sports Therapy to anybody suffering from a sport related or general muscle injury or should they wish, for any of the relaxation therapy's Which Phill also offers. 
Yours faithfully  
J R Bransfield - Stevenage (Herts)


Emu Oil

I am 36 years old and have been diagnosed with Arthritis of my rists, elbows and shoulders, this is through RSI (repetative strain injury). For the past 3 months I have been using the Emu Oil with Glucosamine and I could not believe the effect it has had on my life, 99% of the pain has gone and I have full movement back in my hands and shoulders. I would recommend this product to anyone just to try. £10 for 50g that lasts for ages, it is well worth the try.

Jane Tilbry - Stevenage (Herts)

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